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BioTense Foaming Gel
by Nelly De Vuyst

The Nelly De Vuyst® BioTense Foaming Gel is suitable for the thorough and gentle cleansing of all skin types resulting in healthy radiant skin.

Item Description

The Foaming BioTense Gel is ideal for thoroughly cleansing the skin while respecting the skin’s physiological pH.

Conditions & Benefits

When in contact with water, Nelly De Vuyst® BioTense Foaming Gel transforms into a foam to capture and eliminate all impurities gathered on the surface of the skin.

Directions For Use

For daily use, morning and evening.

After cleansing the face and neck with the Nelly De Vuyst® Cleansing Milk, apply a thin layer of Foaming Gel on the face, neck and décolleté.

Use the Nelly De Vuyst® Toner or warm water to create a light foam for lathering. Rinse thoroughly with warm water and pat dry.

Finish with Nelly De Vuyst® Toner and appropriate Nelly De Vuyst® treatment products for your skin type.

Key Ingredients

Decyl Glycoside, Prebiotic, Bentonite Clay, Amino Acids, Vitamin C

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